Chassis Dyno Service



Dyno Videos 

1- Z01 Corvette 

2- ProCharger Corvette 

3- 545 Ford 

4-2000 ss Vortec Supercharger 

5-2000 ss Supercharger


7-Impala ss stroker  

8- RX7 8000 RPM


  Complete Auto Repair is proud to offer our chassis dyno service to meet your performance and drivability needs.  Our Mustang 1100 chassis dyno is a state of the art tool that enables us to maximize your vehicles performance potential as well as provide you with accurate data on your vehicle's present performance. With our Mustang Dyno we can also simulate 1/4 mile passes .  We have the ability to data log a wide array of engine telemetry through your dyno session.     

Dual wide band o2s -so we can obtain air fuel ratios of both sides of the engine for tuning

Andrios 5 gas analyzer -total break down of exhaust gas's be admitted down to parts per million, nox,co,co2,o2,hc

RPM pickup - analog for conventional ignitions systems , low amp pickup for coil over plug ,optical for diesels

Coolant temp-  for tuning, because heat will effect  every pull , so we can find every hidden horse power

Oil temperature - to monitor oil temperature

Dual exhaust gas temperature sensors - for racers that want to dial in on  the critical edge

0-50 boost gauge- to monitor boost  to check for  belt slippage or boost loss

0-100 fuel pressure -check the ability to maintain proper fuel system pressur