Performance Tuning


Just about every performance enthusiast has heard a speed shop or aftermarket parts company tout some tantalizing performance gains for various vehicle components. Yet sometimes after bolting them on, your car doesn't run any quicker or, worse yet, actually loses power. The problem doesn't necessarily lie with the shop or parts. What it may be is an issue of proper tuning. That's where we at Complete Auto Repair can be invaluable, helping you to work smarter, not harder.  Complete Auto Repair is proud to offer custom tuning for most V8 and some V6 applications.  In order to achieve maximum performance and efficiency all tuning is performed with the aid of our in house Mustang dyno.

Our custom programming at Complete Auto Repair is not some off the shelf, all in one programming.  It is custom tailored for every customer's wants and needs.  Please call for detailed information on custom tuning at          806-792-1999 or email me at  

Cam Shaft Analysis

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