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COMPLETE AUTO REPAIR, Auto Repair & Service, Lubbock, TX



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Complete Auto Repair has built its reputation as a leading automotive service retailer through the delivery of high-quality maintenance and repair service to all makes and models foreign, domestic, light truck and commercial-fleet vehicles. Our comprehensive service offering includes complex diagnostics, maintenance services, under hood, undercarriage services and much more. 

Because each of our technicians specializes in domestic, European or Asian vehicles, we have the skills and experience required to service your family’s entire fleet of vehicles.

Here’s just a sample of our service offerings:


Oil Changes


Battery Replacement


Tire Purchases and Installation


 Factory Recommended Maintenance
(We have your factory recommended maintenance schedule in our computerized database)


Advanced Engine Diagnostics


 Electrical/Electronic Systems


Steering and Suspension Systems


 Engine Performance and Repair


Brake Systems, including ABS


Safety Systems, including Airbags


 Heating and Air Conditioning


Automatic and Manual Transmissions/Transaxles


 Exhaust Systems

We keep service information for every make and model of many manufacturers so technicians know what your vehicle needs are, at the right mileage interval. We'll keep you informed of each required service to minimize your cost of vehicle ownership.

Aside from being the areas most Complete Automotive Repair facility we have a complete machine shop


 Atlanta Mercedes Atlanta Volvo
BMW Porsche

Complete Auto Repair will repair and service Porsche, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Saab, Jaguar, Land Rover, Audi, and Volkswagen.

We are one of the only alternatives to franchised dealership service centers for your European needs in West Texas. We have two major benefits over a traditional new car dealership service departments:


Fair Prices – Our services are priced at a discount to prevailing dealership labor rates


Honest Advice – Complete Auto Repair only recommends maintenance and repairs that are justified by your vehicle’s needs.

Our Service Department’s Mission: We strive to perform the best possible work at fair prices, attempt to meet our customers’ time restraints and deadlines, and always stand behind our work.  We will use our extensive knowledge of these cars to act in a consultative role to help you make the best decisions based upon your needs and your budget.  At Complete Auto Repair you will always be treated fairly, honestly and with respect.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your particular needs, or to ask us any questions that you may have.




What can happen to injectors and can ASNU cleaning help?


The pintle and seats are ground to very fine tolerances, at specific shapes. This gives the injectors the ability to produce a spray pattern in the form of a cone. Problems can occur when the chemicals, lacquers and varnish in the fuels contaminate the injector. It has been shown that a varnish layer as fine as 5 microns within the pintle head can restrict fuel flow through the injector by as much as 25%.

Deposits on the pintle will alter the injectors Spray pattern and Fuel flow rate.
Dirt in the fuel can cause a build up of debris inside the filter basket and reduce the Fuel flow.

These deposits can change the shape of the pattern, from a fine atomized spray to one of the wrong shape, or that has thin liquid streams that will not burn properly. Both of these conditions will cause drivability problems. ASNU identifies the problems with electronic injectors, it allows the operator to physically see the improvements that ASNU'S ULTRASONIC CLEANING has made.

Why pay for new injectors when we can make them   AS GOOD AS NEW


Let Us Make Your Injectors Clean ASNU

Chassis Dyno Service

Complete Auto Repair is proud to offer our chassis dyno service to meet your performance and drivability needs.  Our mustang 1100 chassis dyno is a state of the art tool that enables us to maximize your vehicles performance potential as well as provide you with accurate data on your vehicle's present performance.



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