About us 


Locally owned and family operated Complete Auto Repair began business in 1990, in the years that followed we have grown to become West Texas’ premier auto repair facility.  What began as a four bay "ma and pa" business is now a fourteen bay fully equipped automotive repair center with multiple locations 

Our in house complete machine shop allows us to meet any of your machining needs.  Visit our custom engine section to learn more about having us build your dream engine.  We also do custom fabrication and welding as well as stock engine builds.

  To meet your performance and certain drivability needs we offer Lubbock's only chassis dynamometer.  Our Mustang 1100 Dynamometer is the state of the art dyno on the market at this time.  It includes Powerdyne control and data application software that gives us the ability to data log a wide variety of systems during your dyno session.                                                                 Explore our chassis dyno pages to learn more about this tool.

Along with all of these services we also provide custom eprom and obd2 flash programming for your GM applications.                      Read more by clicking here.

Flow testing and ultra sonic cleaning of fuel injectors is one more service that we provide that no other repair faculty in the area offers. This is not only important for performance applications but also with the high cost of fuel, injectors need to perform at their peak abilities in order to conserve fuel.

We are proud of our facility and the opportunities it provides to meet all of your needs.  Please allow us to answer any questions you might have.  We look forward to the  opportunity to serve all of your automotive wants and needs in the future.